TAHMRAYIS WEBPAGE PHOTOThough I have conquered you and live, yet you have ruined me by treacherously taking my son. See now-I fulfill my threat: you have your fill of blood.

~Queen Tahmrayis, Herodotus, The Histories

My first full-length manuscript is almost finished!

Tahmryais, is a historical fiction, taking place in 500 BC, as Cyrus the Great builds the Persian Empire. Cyrus seeks to forge his kingdom on the pillars of peace and humanity.  Tahmrayis, a princess of the famed Massangaete tribe, at Cyrus’ request, leaves her home to accompany him. She uses centuries of her people’s knowledge and love of horses to provide the edge he needs by creating the Immortals, a cavalry second to none. But the weight of empires twists their path and the one she gives her life for will be the life she takes in cold blood.